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Admission is open to all boys & girls who are qualified as per the norms of the institution irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The application form will be available in the school office on payment. The child should accompanied by the parent at the time of admission and the following documents should be produced:-

    Birth Certificate

    Transfer Certificate

    Passport Size Photo (1 Copy)



We follow the CBSE syllabus as per the norm of the board and the following subjects are taught from class LKG to X:-

1. English 2. Malayalam 3. Hindi
4. Arabic 5. Mathematics 6. General Science
7. Social Science 8. Music and Dance 9. Physical Education
10. Moral Studies 11. Drawing 12. Computer Science
11. General Knowledge


Monday to Friday Grey colour uniform, black shoes & grey socks
Friday White colour uniform, white shoes & white socks

a). Students have to come to the school in neat and full uniform prescribed by the school.

b). Students have to come to school in uniform even when they come to attend special class or other programmes on holidays.


a). The school will conduct the periodic tests and exams, as scheduled in the diary and attendace is compulsory for all the exams.

b). Academic proficiency prize is determined by a student's cumulative grades at the tests and exams of the year.

c). No retest will be arraged nor reshceduled of test/exams will be done for any students on account of his/her absence from the test or exam or any part of it.

d). Progress cards are to be returned duly signed by the parent on specified dates.

Co-Curricular Activities

For the all-round development of the students, co-curricular activities are conducted on all Fridays. Special training is offered in Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, Karate, Yoga and Computer with the help of specialized teachers.





     Art & Craft