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In the name of Almighty, the most gracious most merciful praise be to Almighty the cherisher and sustainer of the world. WMO English Academy Vellamunda, is a prestigious institution run under the agies of WMO Muttil, is completing 20 years with the blessing of the almighty and the restless service of socially committed personalities of WMO, eminent teachers, smart parents and very talented students. The academic year commenced after an intensive preparation through the action plan.

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Chairman's Desk
M.A. Muhammed Jamal Sahib

Respect the child as a person as the key word of WMO says each child is unique and each child should have a positive environment to develop his/her own potentialities that should be nurtured according to his/her talent.

I am happy to know the effort of everyone yields success in every field of our children straits their skill to achieve glory in different fields of education. I appreciate the teaching fraternity who moulds and shapes the children in to a very high achieving one in the society. It is also essential to name all the beloved parents of our children whose support and timely suggestion that make WMO in its statue and structure. Let me quote Maria Montessori as my message on the occasion of 20th anniversary of WMO English Academy Vellamunda.

“The well being of the adult is intimately connected with the kind of life he had when he was a child. Our mistakes fall upon our children and make an indelible impression upon them. Whatever affects child affects humanity, for it is in the delicate and secret recesses of his soul that a man’s education is accomplished”.

Principal's Desk
Dr.Latha N P

The motto of Wayanad Muslim Orphanage is “Respect the child as a person”. I'm extremely happy that W.M.O English Academy Vellamunda since the year 2000 has offered itself as a shell for sheltering and fostering human minds in their raw state to be matured into empowered innovators, invertionist and discovers. The school in these 20 years has matured into the store house of taken and creative genius and set human spirit ever and co-curricular at it’s a quality education content improvement in infrastructure, educational technology, teaching and learning processes as its spokes to fortify innumerable efforts to set the wheel on its track.

Committed and dedicated management and supportive teachers… caring and co-operative parents dedicated and hardworking office and supporting staff blend harmoniously to create a child centric school. The sincere team work is the hallmark of WMO English Academy Vellamunda.

I am sure through collective team work we can achieve more to give our students who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

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