1 The School diary is an official record. Every student should bring the school diary on all school days. He/ She must take himself acquainted with the rules and regulations of the school and obey them strictly.
2 Students who come late or who have been absent on the previous day must bring the attendance or absence record signed by their parent or guardian. Late comers are liable to lose attendance for the day.
3 Generally leave note written under the signature of the guardian will only be considered for grant leave.
4 No half day leave will be granted to students. Even in an urgent need they will not be allowed to go home unless a duly authorized person comes to take them.
5 The classrooms and the school ground must be kept clean and tidy. All the waste papers, Wrappers etc. must be thrown in the waste paper Basket.
6 There shall be no money raised for any purpose whatsoever or gift given to staff members or others without the permission of the Headmistress.
7 Late comers, without written explanation from parents or guardian will not be admitted in the class. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, misbehavior even outside the school premises and insubordination to school authorities justify disciplinary action against the student.
8 No pupil enter any class room other than his/ her own without permission. Pupils may change their place in the classroom only with the permission of the class teacher
9 Students should bring the necessary text, notebooks and stationery regularly according to the time table
10 All pupils are expected to take part in the assembly students describing to be exempted from the
physical training or games on medical ground, should produce Doctor’s Certificate
11 No student shall be promoted to higher standard or admitted to the Public Examination, unless the student has attended the classes for required number of working days
12 In all for seen cases, such as marriage, pilgrimage, religious ceremony and in case of prolonged illness
etc…… , leave of absence must be obtained in advance from the Principal. Leave application for illness must be validated by medical practitioner.
13 Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed. When passing along the corridors during class hours, students shall keep silence
14 It is forbidden to write or subscribe or splash ink on the school or compound walls or in any way disfigure or damage school property. Severe action will be taken against pupils not adhering to this rule. The cost of repairs or replacements will be borne by the parents
15 Pupils absent from examination will be considered as having failed unless it is established that their absence was due to illness
16 No pupil is permitted to engage any of the school teachers as private tutors without the written sanction of the Principal
17 As English is the medium of instruction students are compulsory to speak in English in the school premises so that they acquire greater fluency in the language