The child has the potentialities of human being. The existence of energy in the young child is the gift of Almighty God.Each child should have an environment of his development according to his own potentialities. No child is forced to follow the interest if others. “Respect the Child as a person” that is the keyword of WMO.Quality education of the children has become the major concern for every parent today.

WMO English Academy, Vellamunda has been very much with you in this concern since its establishment and distinguished growth in academic excellence and commitment to society. WMO English Academy, Vellamunda envisages the teaching- learning program in such a way that each student who passes through the shade of this citadel of formation is guided to comprehensive development, bringing all the talents and aptitudes to full maturity.
Personal growth is rooted upon positive and all embracing value system. WMO English Academy, Vellamunda upholds some essential values such as faith in God, Moral uprightness, Love for fellow beings, Social responsibility and pursuit of excellence for an individual’s growth and our students participate in its practice in their journey for excellence.


M A Muhammed Jamal